Our Mission

20140214052959-Hardware_Store0005Our mission really took off in 2013 when beloved long time business owner Ginny decided that after decades of service, she would close the doors to her hardware store..
We graciously accepted that opportunity to bring a long needed natural foods market to Cortland NY. For years, those searching for locally sourced, organic, and whole foods either had to travel 30 miles or more to a store or visit each farmer individually. We felt that we could help our neighbors access healthy and responsibly sourced foods. After nearly a year of renovations to the building, we launched in December of 2014.

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Now that our doors are open, our goal is to provide the community with convenient and affordable prepared food made with seasonal, organic and locally grown ingredients, along with nutritious beverages. Our intention is that this will stimulate the local agricultural community and the local economy while building a sustainable future and educating the community about health and nutrition.