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Since all we locally source as many products as possible we would like to help spread the word about some amazing people making healthy food, making it delicious and making it responsibly. Stop by this page monthly for information about who is being featured at The Local Food Market and Cafe’.

January 2016 – The Piggery:

10423279_715378775244348_8548238557904790283_nThe Piggery is an mix of a dedicated farming community and butcher shop. The owners of the piggery have sought out hog farmers that raise their heard organically and ethically.  They oversee the process from farm to butcher shop. Ensuring not only that all health and safety regulations are met, but the the animals are raised in a humane and loving manner.

The farmers they work with use only heritage bread pigs ( pigs that have come through a line of natural uninfected by GMO crops and pharmaceutical farming.) that are pasture feed and free range. The pigs in this program live a full and peaceful life. This translates to delicious meat products that are safe and guilt free to feed your family.

When they pork is processed it is done so with extreme care and attention to detail. The pork is not loaded with unnecessary chemicals and preservation additives. In fact many of their products are uncured. The Piggery is one of our favorite and most requested suppliers.  

Here are a series of videos that talk about how The Piggery raises their hogs:



We offer a wide range of Piggery products: FINAL-food-justice-certified-logo-9-1-101

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